The 'RG Galleries':  Tools, Trucks, Yarders, Loaders, Cats, Skidders- Everything!

It's ALL coming soon- This will be a long 'work-in-progress', so please 'bear' with me and check back often-

I have enjoyed Hank Suderman's fantastic website for the last several years and I really do like his layout.
This page was designed to act like Hank's 'Truck Pictures' main gallery page, so go check his great site out!

To view each gallery below, simply 'click' on the picture tile-

'Bucyrus-Erie' in Logging Gallery
-Active but a work in progress
Steam-era Yarding Donkeys
-Link currently not active-
'Link-Belt' in the Big Woods
-Active but a work in progress
1925 Washington Iron Works Catalog
-Still in scanning process-
1926 Willamette Steel Catalog
-Still in scanning process-
Clyde Iron Works Catalog
Northwest machinery in Logging
Lima cranes/shovels Logging
Lidgerwood Steel Spar Skidders
-Active but a work in progress
Koehring/Bantam/Lorain Logging
-Active but a work in progress
'Marion' Cranes/Shovels for Logging
'Unit' cranes/shovels in Logging
'P&H' Cranes/Shovels for Logging

'Barko Hydraulics for' Logging
-Active but a work in progress
'Prentice' Hyraulic Log Loaders
'Liebherr' Machinery for Logging
ROW 1 
'Washington Iron Works' Gallery
-Active but a work in progress
Skagit Steel and Iron Works
-Active but a work in progress
'Berger' Yarders and Towers Gallery
-Active but a work in progress
Thunderbird / Ross Corp. Gallery
-Active but a work in progress
'Madill' Yarders and Towers Gallery
-Active but a work in progress
'Madill' Loaders, Bunchers, etc Gallery
-Active but a work in progress
Yes- some of my pictures even the environmentalists may like!
If I posted more of my 'nature series', I wonder if 'Greenpeace' would send me money?  
This page will eventually be 'stuffed' full of galleries.....
We will cover all manner of forestry and logging machinery....
Blocks and rigging, saws and axes, even horses and oxen? OK- we'll find some!
"Because there is nothing more beautiful than an old-growth Spruce tree- as it travels to town on a shiny new log truck!"
'Mack' in Logging & Lumber, 1920's
DONE- 'Click the pic' to check it out!
Light shines through Devils Club here at the 
Rusty Grapple location in Southeast Alaska. 
EWC Photograph, Summer 2011.
1949 Young Iron Works Catalog
DONE- 'Click' the pic to check it out!
Wheel Skidders, Track Skidders - 
Line Skidders, Grapple Skidders!
Helicopters and Balloons even made a home in the Big Woods!
Timberjack Logging Machinery Gallery 
-Active but a work in progress
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