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For more in-depth information regarding the fight for Alaska's Timber Industry, please check out the list of books recommended below on this page.

 Our goal is to display many various 'collections' - photo galleries, movies, music, etc people and organizations have donated to share with YOU!
Here's a GREAT video featuring a 'real'  Alaska Logging 
Camp during a 1983 visit from Geraldo Rivera and crew!

A vintage Washington Iron Works steam yarder on display near Naukati, Alaska. EWC Photograph- January 2010
WANTED:  Your Thoughts, Advice, or Anything (pictures, stories, or contacts) that you think may help this project!
Above: A sled yarder with 'Double A-Frame' log dump at a 'Silver Bay Logging' camp location in Southeast Alaska- Courtesy of Dick Buhler.
Alaska Logging: A History in Pictures 
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About the 'Southeast Alaska Industrial History' Preservation Project

This web-based effort is being made in an attempt to preserve and share the rich history of the Great Alaska Timber Industry with folks everywhere.
Through the generosity of many people, and the cooperation of the Alaska Forest Association in particular, progress is being made in the long process 
of scanning and copying old pictures and documents related to the industry that made Southeast Alaska great. The jobs and income provided to the communities throughout the area over so many years can hardly be measured, though we see the effects of the loss every day. Sure, the empty space
is slowly filling in with more tourist shops and other, but the year-round living-wage revenue jobs have and are still dwindling in Southeast Alaska today.

Our long-term dream is a 'Southeast Alaska Museum of History and Industry', with representation from not only timber, but aviation, construction, mining, 
fishing and maritime interest as well. Without the canneries and fishing boat crews, these Southeast towns would not exist. Without the pilots and tugboat
crews, the logging camps could never have seen success. We welcome everyone equally and we want to hear your 'Alaska Working Life' story. Please
talk to your friends and family about their experiences and let them know we are interested in saving their stories for a museum in Ketchikan, Alaska.

  This project takes time and we could sure use your help.

  Thank You, from the 'Informal Board of Directors' :

  Eric W. Cole - Juneau, Alaska
  Mike Lattin - Ketchikan, Alaska

  If you would like to help or have an idea, PLEASE contact us!

GALLERY: '1973 KPC Slide Show' from the Alaska Forest Association archive
GALLERY: '1979 Alaska Loggers Association Slideshow' from the AFA archive 
We will be adding picture galleries for the next several months

Do you have pictures you would be willing to add or share?
PLEASE contact us and we'll set up a gallery with your name on it!
 Museum of History and Industry
Our Long Term Goal?  A Museum at Ketchikan, Alaska - where folks can see history firsthand!
GALLERY: Pictures and Items of Interest from the Collection of Hank Nelson