A Short Journey Through the History of Time and Noteable Timber Events

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(This a little bit random and just for fun, so as things pop into my head I'll continue to add them for you)

1869 -     - Darius Kinsey is born on July 23rd, 1869. Kinsey was the earliest prominent 'timber-industry' photographer; He is one of my heroes. 

1885 -     - The first paper mill in the Pacific Northwest is built- it was located on the Columbia River at Camas, Washington.

1891 -     - Washington Iron Works builds their first 'logging specific' steam yarding engine at Seattle, Washington.

1920 -     - Skagit introduces the 'MAC Tugger', a small yarder conversion kit- designed for farmers and powered by a Fordson tractor.

1941 -     - First annual 'Timber Carnival' held at Albany, Oregon. The 'Albany Timber Carnival' would  become the largest logging show in the world.

1946 -     - Simpson Timber opens 'Camp Grisdale' on the Olympic Peninsula. It soon became the largest logging camp in the 'Lower 48'.

1946 -     - Howard Rothenbuhler invents the electric 'Talkie Tooter' whistle, revolutionizing communication between rigging crew and landing area.

1962 -     - Finley Hays organizes a 'logging show' at Deming, WA to benefit an injured logger friend; The Deming Logging Show remains today.

1964 -     - Finley Hays launches his new 'magazine for loggers' bringing the big timber into living rooms everywhere. He called it 'Loggers World'.

1977 -     - Cole Brothers Log at Longview, WA take delivery of miniature Pedal-Operated Highlead Yarder to practice rigging and yarding systems.

1980-      - Mt. St. Helens erupts on May 18, 1980 and levels 600 square miles of old-growth timber, spawns largest salvage operation in history.

1985 -     - Simpson Timber closes 'Camp Grisdale', the last and largest logging camp in Washington State, the end of an era and a sad day indeed.

1986 -     - Major additions completed on the buildings and grounds at Camp 18 Logging Museum near Seaside, Oregon- one of my favorite spots.

1997 -     - Ketchikan Pulp Company mill at Ward Cove, AK closes due to lack of available USFS Timber Sales, ends major logging on the Tongass.

2012 -     - 'The Rusty Grapple' website goes live on April 14, 2012 with the idea of sharing my lifelong passion of timber and logging history with you.
480 BC -     - First recorded 'Logging Contract': Hiram, King of Tyre, cuts and rafts cedar and juniper for King Solomon's Temple in 1st Kings Chapter 5 
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