A vintage Washington Iron Works steam yarder on display near Naukati, Alaska.  EWC Photograph- January 2010
Welcome to 'The Rusty Grapple'- I'm sure glad you found it. If you're a fan of timber-industry history, machinery, and practices like I am, then I think you may enjoy some of the things I'm working on here. I don't have a serious 'master plan' for this site, other than to pull a collection of my little ongoing projects all into one convenient viewing location. In recent years I've been lucky enough to realize than there are many people worldwide who share my interest in 'forestry / timber / logging' subject matter- the story of a tree- and it's amazing journey 'from the stump to the dump'. I'll explore most any aspect and idea men came up with to get this work done.

More than anything else, I'm a postwar (diesel-era) cable logging/yarder fan, BUT you can't yard a log if someone didn't do the cutting, and what good is a 'yarded log' if nobody loads it or hauls it? My goal will be to cover ALL the bases here, so there will be something for everyone in the end, I hope.  Logging is a team-effort, and one person is no good without everybody else around him. 
Ultimately though, all of this logging would be in vain without the crew at the mill- but that's a whole different subject, I'll just stick to cutting, yarding, loading, and transportation for now. I'm starting to get ahead of myself- this was supposed to be an introduction so for now- 'Welcome to The Rusty Grapple'.

Again- I'm glad you're here. I'll share some stories, a few pictures, lots of vintage advertising, and see where this goes.  Just remember one thing- this wasn't meant to be MY website, but rather OUR website- I'll post what you share/submit too! 

Just remember this: History is not only what happened in the early 1800's, but it's also what happened just last month, right?
Knowing that, the possibilities here really are endless- aren't they? So let's share some history- right here. How's that sound?

Thanks in advance for your help, advice, and patience- I'll need as much of these things I can get as I figure all this out.  
I'll be adding photographic content weekly, with new stories and articles monthly, so check back often.

Thanks again for visiting with me! 
Eric C, - your 'humble host' for these next few minutes.

P.S. -- Please have a look at the website and see what you think. I do value your opinion, and I'd love to hear your suggestions.
Below is a simple, easy-to-use comment box and I will take what you say very seriously so drop me a note!  (Please, be polite)

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Above and Left: Vintage steam-era logging machinery on display at the 'Camp 18 Logging Museum' at Elsie, Oregon. EWC Photographs-April 2010
              This is my first attempt at building a website. If you're interested in a website and you like the look of this one, drop me a note and I'll see if I can help!

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